Who is Alex Teih


alexteih-portraitFashion designer Alex Teih is known for his glamorous evening wear and cocktail dresses. His high fashion couture designs are modern, young, flirtatious with a polished sophistication and wit. His gowns, sexy and super stylish, have the important, but easy to wear, silhouettes suitable for the relaxed formality of today’s lifestyles.

Based in New York, Alex Teih creates entrance making dreams that are the envy of every other woman in the room. His European heritage, combined with a background in cinema and costume design, are evident in his collection’s dramatic styling. He envisions his customer in cinematic detail, as a film character in need of an aesthetic identity.

A master of draping, Alex Teih achieves grand effect with simple gestures. Impeccably tailored and controlled bodices suddenly make way for impulsively layered skirts and hems. Uniquely, his designs always begin with fabric. Rather than fabricate a design Teih first finds fabric and then works to discover its essence. The result is a collection that features a perfect balance of elegance and trend, sophistication and whim, his signature aura of edgy romance.

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